My name is Edward Camilleri, I’m born and raised In Malta and have spent my whole life on this amazing island.

I have been interested in outdoor activities as long as I can remember. 30 years ago I tried abseiling for the first time and I loved it, so in 1995 I decided to start a business and actually be able to work with my passion. This was also when I discovered zip-line and climbing.

The passion for teaching and meeting new people every day and the fact that open fields near the cliffs and close to the sea is my office, makes this job unbeatable. I love what I am doing and it is my customers that makes me keep going.

Below you can find all my contact information. For the quickest response, I recommend contacting me via WhatsApp, Facebook or a text message to my phone.

Phone: +356 9949 4034/ +356 9924 4861
WhatsApp: +356 9949 4034
Viber: +356 9949 4034
Skype: underwaterworld1
E-mail: abseilingmalta@gmail.com
Facebook: Edward Camilleri

Climbing in Malta…Welcomes you!


Climbing Malta is able to help you put together the perfect activities one can enjoy while in Malta with a lot of excitement.

Climbing ,Zip line, Sea Level traversing (Deep Water Soloing),Tours around Malta, Tours around Gozo, Day trekking, Night trekking, Stand Up Paddling, Snorkeling and Scuba Diving are the main activities one can enjoy.

These breathtaking activities are organized throughout the year so everyone will enjoy what the Maltese islands has to offer. Spectacular Scenery to be seen while doing the sightseeing tours around Malta and Gozo. Discover Caves and bays that are hard to reach by Stand up Paddling.  Comino and the surrounded caves can be discovered while doing Day trekking .  Zip line, Climbing and abseiling events are for those who love the odd adrenaline rush  and adventure.

They are suitable for all ages, complete beginners  and enthusiasts. Discover the underwater world by various diving trips on wrecks around the island. Malta has a lot to offer so enjoy and have fun with Climbing Malta.


In all my activities I’m not only offering good knowledge about them and a nice experience , I’m also offering 100% attention so that you feel comfortable and will be able to improve your own skills. I care about my customers and for me it is important that no one will feel left out  and everyone will enjoy and have fun during the events.


Contact me for more information about Activities

Please feel free to contact me if you need any more information and help about our activities that we offer. Please use the contacts on the contact page and we can discuss our activities in more detail. It will be my pleasure to assist and guide you and your group to make the activity pleasant.

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Climbing in Malta…is fun!