What is the Stand-Up Paddle (SUP)?

Stand Up Paddling is a type of surfing that requires standing on a board and using a paddle to steer and advance in the water.

SUP is a physical activity that combines balance, endurance and fun, while being adaptable to all types of physical condition.

The advantage of doing this activity in Malta is that the island offers us many water spots that allow us to avoid wind and waves almost every time, although the waves can help us learn how to manage our balance.

You will have time to swim and explore the most beautiful places on the Maltese islands.

During the paddle session, it is included a briefing on how to position yourself on the board and how to use the paddles.

After the training session, we will go on a trekking tour to discover some nice beaches, rocks, caves or St Paul’s Islands.

The price is between 35 € and 55 € per person and lasts about 3 hours.