Trekking will give you the opportunity to really appreciate Malta’s unique character, to stray from just being a tourist visiting cities and exploring our villages to the rugged landscape and spectacular coastline caves and unreachable places by normal tourist guides.

Edward will show you treks around Malta, Comino and Gozo, even at night, which will cover the best and interesting places of the Maltese islands’ countryside, with its diverse flora and fauna, as well as Malta’s rich cultural heritage. So put on your trekking boots and let us take you to discover tranquil village squares, ancient fortifications and wayside chapels, as well as spectacular land and seascapes caves and hidden treks.

All our trekking groups are accompanied by an experienced guide who will explain tell you about the interesting sites, the geology, history, legends, flora and fauna you will encounter along your treks.

The price may vary between 35 and 45 €, depending on the itinerary and the number of people