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Zip-Line on land
The feeling of flying is amazing. A session of zip-line will give you the opportunity to experience how it is to hover from one cliff to another in a wonderful environment with an amazing view. It is an exciting and breathe taking activity that suits everyone no matter of age.

The time for this event depends on how many people you are, but one important thing to know is that you don´t just pay for one try, you can go several times. It’s possible to take different photos and videos to help you remember this exciting experience for life.

The zip-line in 80 meters long which makes it one of the longest on the island. All equipment is included and for your safety we set up two ropes attached to you and the line.

Zip-Line in water
The difference between the regular zip-line session and the zip line water is that we start from a cliff and we end up jumping in the water at the end of the line. For this session it is recommended to wear suitable clothing for swimming.

When you book a session with me I’ll pick-you up from where you are staying in Malta, I provide you with all safety equipment needed and I’ll make sure that you are enjoying your choosen activity. If you have any questions, don’t hesitage to contact me, by e-mail or by calling me.




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